Sunday, June 22, 2008

Creative Quips on Qualifying Quirky Qualities

I have once again been tagged by Roxy of Roxiticus Desperate Housewives to carry out one of her humiliating tasks of self-evaluation and public exposure. I don’t know why she feels it necessary to unload her particular requests upon me, but for some reason I feel the need to comply. After all, the latest “homework assignment” involved publicly revealing my special quirks or idiosyncrasies, as if I had any of those to begin with. To me, this was a big assumption on Roxy’s part, because I personally view all of my personality traits as normal extensions of my being. And should some of my habits happen to be a little different than the average person, I certainly wouldn’t call it a quirk. I think of these individual attributes as “qualities” rather than quirks, but perhaps that’s because I’m just more advanced than some people. (i.e., a certain Desperate Housewife.)

Nevertheless, I will try to assemble what I consider to be some of my most interesting “qualities,” several of which may have been referred to at one time or another as a “quirk.” Certainly not by me, of course, but by other people. After all, aren’t your quirks really pointed out by someone other than yourself? Because without their input, you might think everything you’re doing is perfectly normal. Unless one of your quirks happens to involve strange rituals with pig blood and dead chickens, in which case you might actually be displaying cult behavior rather than a quirk. But I digress.

Another interesting assumption of Roxy’s request was the requirement of listing six different quirks. As if everyone had six basic quirks they could easily assemble at any given moment. Like having six senses, your six quirks were as obvious as your eye or hair color. (The proverbial sixth sense being your ability to see dead people, like Bruce Willis’s career.) But what if you had seven quirks, or a hundred and eight? Or what if, God forbid, you only had two? And you had to make up the rest just so you wouldn’t be embarrassed. Or even worse, what if one of your “quirks” was the fear of actually having to talk about your various quirks? What then, Miss Roxy, what then?

So now that I’ve successfully drawn out my sarcastic introduction to a fourth paragraph, I think it’s time to tackle the issue at hand: the public pronouncement of my most interesting “qualities.” And here they are:

One of the major “qualities” that distinguishes me from the masses is my obsession with anything animated. Disney animated movies are my favorite, but I also like classic Saturday morning cartoons like Scooby Doo and Bugs Bunny, as well as the more artsy Japanese animation from Hayao Miyazaki. I believe that in a former life (if there is such a thing), I probably started out as an animated character. Perhaps a pencil drawing or a sketch on a napkin. (You may even have seen me as a forest animal in “Snow White” or as one of the puppets in “Pinocchio.”) Animation is magical to me. I am literally drawn to the colors, the characters, the stories and the overall feeling that “everything will be all right in the end.” If this is a quirk, I gladly accept it with all the candy-coated optimism such an attribute implies. After all, without optimism we have nothing.

A second quality of mine is that animals love me. I’ve been told by many pet owners that their dog or cat is usually hesitant or fearful around most people, but feel immediately at ease around me. I’m not sure if it’s because I smell like a butcher shop or I remind them of a fire hydrant they once peed on, but I definitely have a kinship with our four legged friends. And I don’t mean in a Horse Whisperer sort of way; more like an understanding of what it’s like to be the underdog. (Literally) My black cat, Trey, who appears in the Cat Clips videos, sleeps by my head every night as if there to protect me.

I’m addicted to chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter. (Not at the same time. Although I have tried mixing them in the past, and rather liked the results. Though my waste and teeth do not.)

I don’t drink coffee unless it has some kind of flavored creamer in it. And I don’t mean the powdered kind, which never really provides the fatty creaminess one requires in their cup of coffee. (For more on my coffee requirements, please refer to My Quest for the Perfect Cup of Coffee)

I sleep in the nude. This isn’t really a quirk. More of an advertisement.

I love the glamour and mystique of Old time Hollywood. From the silent comedies of Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd, to the Film Noir classics of the thirties and forties, to the big MGM musicals of the fifties and sixties, I’m a classic film buff. (I also like movies produced after the sixties, but there is something very special about the older films that I truly appreciate. ) Hitchcock is one of my personal favorites.

And finally, and probably most significantly, my constant need to “create” is one of the driving forces in my life. It doesn’t really matter what form it takes (playwriting, drawing, singing, blog writing, making movies, etc.), as long as it gives me the opportunity to express myself. That is what gives me the most pleasure, and is probably my biggest quirk. Though I think of it as more of a gift. And if others happen to like what I create, that’s just icing on the cake.

But that’s just me. What are your six “qualities” that people might consider quirky?


Buck said...

You are hilarious. I love all your quirks.

RoxiticusDH said...

I'd leave you alone if you didn't do such a damned good job completing your "homework." My girls want to know why I'm laughing so hard and I'm trying to explain that it's about a quirky character we didn't get the chance to visit for a dip in the pool on our Saturday in the way, I am dangerously close to being buried alive under Arte y Pico awards...

Henson Ray said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it...and of course, I love the me something more to moan about...heh, heh...I think the Arte y Pico Award is like a rabbit. The more you pass it along, the more they breed. Congrats on all the honors though. You wouldn't be getting them if you didn't deserve them.

Henson Ray said...


Thanks. I appreciate that.


Debbie said...

It took me several attempts to get past the fact that you are sleeping nude with kitty on your head. Once I finally was able to floss my brain, I realized you love some of the same movies as I do.

Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times is an all time favorite!

Matthew S. Urdan said...

One of my quirks is my dark sense of humor and sarcasm that causes me to jump on the quirks of others, so therefore, I now tag you with the "My 10 Favorite Animated Movies" Meme, whereby the rules are to list your 10 favorite animated movies, name the character in those movies that most resembles you, and to state a reason why.

My homework takes precedence over Roxy's because I found you in the blogosphere first.

Also, I just wanted to note that I'm glad you're not fond of horses in the "Horse Whisperer" way, and I'm also glad you didn't say that you were fond of horses in an "Equus" kind of way.


Henson Ray said...

Let me clarify one thing. I sleep in the nude, under the covers. The cat sleeps to the side of my face (not on top of it) near my pillow. He is like a sentry watching over me during the night.
Matt--I think I can handle the animated movie some point in the near for the Equus, not into horses like that...although I will be going to see "Equus" in NYC when it comes this Fall, starring Daniel Radcliffe. 'natch.

RoxiticusDH said...

Nekked Harry Potter you say?

Have I moved in with you permanently on your EntreCard, by the way? Maybe it's too little sleep, but I feel like I've been in Hell for about 3 days!


Anonymous said...

"Unless one of your quirks happens to involve strange rituals with pig blood and dead chickens, in which case you might actually be displaying cult behavior rather than a quirk."

Yay! You said me! You said me and...the feds? Oh shi--

Henson Ray said...

Roxy, You know you're always welcome to stay in Hell for as long as you want. Contrary to popular belief, it's not that hot. And I have the pool anyway, so...

qelqoth, nice sense of humor. (At least I hope it was.) Visited your the landing page...great job. Thanks for stopping by.