Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wallowing in Winter Whining

Did you ever have one of those days where you had absolutely nothing to say, and not one interesting idea to blog about? And it’s not like you don’t have millions of things you could talk about, or share, or poke fun at….and yet, for some reason you don’t have any desire or energy to put the effort into it? Well, if not, congratulations! You are simply an amazing individual, and should therefore feel free to go along your merry way without reading another word of this. (I mean it. Not another word.) But for those of you who may occasionally suffer from what some might refer to as “writer’s block,” kindly proceed this way. (Good, that’s one paragraph down.)

Personally, I usually have several topics on hand to blog about at any given time. As I think of things to write about, I jot them down on one of the many pads of post-it notes that pepper my desk. That way, if there should ever come a time when I can’t think of anything to write about, I would simply peel off a post it and jot down my thoughts on that particular topic. That was, of course, before the post-its started separating from their pads, thus becoming small individual pieces of paper that would get mixed in with the stacks of mail or work projects or junk mail or anything else that happened to come across my desk, and for some reason, remained there in a collective heap. The eventual result would be post-its that inadvertently attached themselves to the bottom of something I was throwing out, or they accidentally got between two pieces of paper that went into some file that I’ll probably never look at again for at least three years. (But boy, when I do look at it, I’m sure that missing post-it will give me a really great idea for a blog posting. Unless it’s something topical, like my thoughts on Paris Hilton, or the cancellation of “Dirty Sexy Money”---both of which I hope are no longer relevant or remembered.)

So I could certainly blame my lack of inspiration on the missing post it notes, or any of a dozen other excuses I could come up with to explain my predicament. (None of which would be the direct result of anything I did wrong, of course.) But I think there’s something even more sinister at work here. Something that seeps into your body around this time of year, causing you to feel even more tired and listless than usual. And if you work at home like I do, and don’t need to venture out into the world on a daily basis, than the monotony of your environment on a cold, particularly bleak winter week can make you feel like Jack Nicholson in “The Shining.” It’s not exactly a full-blown case of Winter Blues, but it’s not general Slovenliness either. It’s some grey area in between, where everything literally feels gray.

And I’m not saying I don’t have distractions. The presence of two new kittens in the house has certainly kept me quite entertained, so it’s not like I’m ever bored. I just hate the winter. I hate not being able to go outside and sit in my backyard. I hate having to put on layers of clothes just to go to the supermarket to pick up that favorite ice cream I’ve been craving. Only once I’ve been out in the freezing cold for a good half hour, ice cream is probably the last thing I’m likely to eat.

So what’s my point in all this? Don’t worry, I’m getting to that. (Patience, please!). I’m just bitching about my least favorite time of year, and how it can make me particularly lazy when it comes to writing my blog. I have so many other things to do, including filming and editing my little videos, and playing with the cats, and going out with friends, and…the list goes on and on. In other words, I have plenty to occupy my time so I’ve sort of let the writing portion of my blog slip a little in the last few weeks. And instead of updating every three days, I’ve started updating every four, or sometimes five (shocking, I know). So anyway, for anyone who might have noticed this inconsistency in my posting habits (and for the two of you, I thank you), I apologize. And that, my friends, was the entire point of this posting. (Which just proves that I can pontificate on practically anything---once I find the right post it note, that is.)

But that’s just me. Are you having any trouble when it comes to your writing efforts in the winter time?


Broadway Matron said...

Season has nothing to do with it - I just live an incredibly boring life -

And for someone with writers block that was a helluva long essay...we should all get writers block like that...

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

Was Dirty Sexy Money canceled? Damn.

Rex and I pretty much stopped watching TV at the end of last year's abbreviated season. I tried to keep up with my namesakes (those other Desperate Housewives on ABC) this past September, but packed it in when the content so shocked and offended me that I forbid (forbade?) my daughters from watching...just after I put London and Maddie to bed at 9:41pm one Sunday night, Carlos blurted out a reference to Santa. Gabrielle on top of the lawn help? No big deal... the end of childhood? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaargh!

Anyway, when I have writer's block, I just don't write. In many areas of my life, I hold myself up to such perfectionist standards its amazing I ever "publish" a single word. When I started blogging, however, I had to let go. I try not to waste my own time writing and others' time reading when I have nothing to say. However, when I read some of your amazingly talented posts, I'm reminded that sometimes it feels like (as someone once described Jack Kerouac's writing) "not writing, just typing."

Good luck getting over your writer's block...I'll try to send along some homework for you as a helpful writing prompt...


Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

What if my post-it notes ended up on your desk and your post-it notes ended up on mine?


Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

Post It #1: Ignore your teeth and they'll go away... write post about family dentist.

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

Post it #2: Screw family dentist... advertising plans put on hold in favor of office renovations and mid-life crisis purchases.

Henson Ray said...

Broadway Matron--How could your life be boring? Your name implies something much different. As for the long essay, once I started jotting down my thoughts, it just kept flowing out. So I guess it wasn't really writer's block...more like "writer's distraction."

Roxy--TV can sometimes expose a lot of information that you don't want your "precious little ones" to hear...the whole Santa thing being one of them...although I still have a 10 year old Niece who still talks about him...which to me, is a little unbelievable in this day and age. Anyway...thanks so much for all the compliments, including the Jack Kerouac reference...just to be mentioned in the same sentence with him (however the distance the relationship) is quite the compliment. And I like all your writing suggestions. Hmmm...mid life crisis purchases...not that I've ever had a midlife crisis (that I know of--unless I'm just in denial)...but I've certainly made tons of unnecessary purchases. But money grows on trees, you know. Just not sure where there's a local orchard of them around here. Maybe I'll check out one of "Roxy's Best of" Blogs to find out.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I've just put post-it notes in all my favorite haunts here at home. I had no idea that that was all it took.

I too have a rough time this time of year. Winter blahs I call them. I'm so ready for spring.

Your package arrived yesterday. I love the T-shirt and this afternoon my plan is to view your video. Again, thank you.

Have a terrific Sunday. :)

Broadway Matron said...

Ah, but my name harkens back to the days when I had a life...tho I took umbrage at the word matron at the time I was so dubbed - I didn't consider myself matronly at the age of 40 - now at 62 perhaps matron works - Broadway, a distant memory

Daisy said...

Sometimes I would just rather play funny games than making a blog post.

I got my tee-shirt, too! Thanks, it's cool!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Actually, writing in the winter is easy for me because I have an excuse not to go outside and do something "healthy" and get off my butt.

But, then there are those days where I am so depressed about the weather outside that writing is not very appealing to me at all.

So, I guess I can relate either way.

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

Hope you're having fun on my Entrecard widget tonight...I'm going to try a hot beer to combat the winter whining...


ESCUDERO said...

I think that I'm giong to agree with Broadway Matron - My gosh are you long winded! I suppose that's why you're a writer.

Do I ever agree with your lengthy dissertation. I have the winter blues, and I can't kick it. It's kind of hard to be inspired to paint when I know that just outside my door there is a gigantic white landscape of snow! Ughhhh... I think that it's like living in the pit of hell!

P.S. - I love AZ so AZ is like heaven to me.....:) (heat or no heat)

Sooooo continue on your merry way, and don't worry about writing about anything until the 1st flower pokes its little head out of the ground. Then it'll be ok to get inspired.

Thanks for your patience - I kind of got inspired to talk about such matters. :) Hmmmm I guess I'm long winded too, and I'm not a writer. Now that's serious!

Henson Ray said...

Sandee--Glad you received your package. Hope you enjoyed the DVD.

Broadway Matron--Yeah, the term Matron never seems like such a compliment...but glad you've made peace with it...I hope even if Broadway is a distant memory, you still get a chance to see some live theater every now and then.

Daisy--Hope you got the DVD as well.

Jonny's Mommy--Winter definitely is double-edged sword. There are both advantages and disadvantages to the season. But personally, I like to be able to go outside without a coat on.

Escudero--True, it is very hard to be creative or inspired when you have a case of the Winter Blues. All you can do is keep moving forward, and hope the inspiration comes back quickly.