Friday, January 30, 2009

Bowling is Even Better in Your Basement

I’ve never been an avid bowler. But on the odd occasion when I’ve been coerced into bowling with friends, I always seem to have what some people might call “beginner’s luck.” (Other people might call it being an “idiot savant”) Whatever their explanation, once I stepped onto the bowling alley, I became a different person. A person with a mission, with a goal, with an unnatural desire to knock down a set of pins. And for what? Money? Fame? No. Just to waste some time on a Saturday night.

So without even trying, I’d start getting strikes or spares, quickly racking up points that would shoot me to the top of the leader board. The problem is, once I’d had a few rounds of “beginner’s luck,” I’d start getting cocky, stupidly believing that I’d somehow inherited a Golden Arm when it came to tossing a bowling ball. And inevitably, that’s when my winning streak began to falter. When I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing, I’d perform like a Pro Bowler. But as soon as I put any thought into it, I become as awkward as Olive Oyl.

Nevertheless, bowling has always been somewhat amusing for me, as I always seemed to do well for at least the first four or five frames. After that, when I started throwing gutter balls like they were confetti, I toned down both my bravado and my swagger, often repeating to anyone who would listen “It’s just a game, you know. It’s just a game.” What a sad, sorry sack I was.

Anyway, I recently purchase a Wii (for some reason) even though I never play video games and find the whole gaming industry somewhat puzzling. (For more clarity on this topic, please refer an earlier posting of mine, “Why I Don’t Play Video Games.”) But I’d heard the Wii Fitness was a great way to work out, so I though I’d maybe integrate it into my regular routine of weight lifting and calisthenics. But the Wii system I purchased also had a free set of games inside that included skiing, boxing, archery, baseball, a bunch of other stuff…and bowling.

Naturally I wanted to try the bowling right away, to see if my video “beginner’s luck” would be anything like my bowling alley experiences. And sure enough, on my very first try, I got a strike. And that’s without even knowing how to work the Wii console properly. Still, my subsequent turns also rewarded me with similar results, and once again I started putting on the cocky attitude. Although at the time, the only ones to witness my pompous prancing were my two little kittens, Tipi and Tuck, who seemed confused by my constant strutting back and forth like an overzealous peacock. Eventually they both fell asleep, while I continued to not only bowl, but ski and go cart as well.

As a matter of fact, after an evening of playing with my Wii (no pun intended), I am completely over my aversion to video games. But it’s only because this kind of active play made me feel more a part of the experience, and therefore more worthy of my time. With games that you have to kill people or battle monsters to get to the next level, I never understood the point. But with these kinds of good old fashioned interactive sports and games, I am a new believer. Since purchasing the Wii, I’ve had a bowling party (in my basement) where I served Patty Melts, fries and milkshakes, and even wore my retro bowling shirt as host. It was a lot of fun, and much easier and less expensive than trotting down to the local bowling alley.

So in celebration of this new phenomenon, Basement Bowling, I offer you an older Cat Clips on the topic that has never yet appeared on this blog. So enjoy, and have a great weekend!


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Wow, even you like the Wii, now I've got to try it. Our library is having Wii bowling available on Feb. 28 at 10 a.m. so I'm planning on going to try it out for the first time. I haven't come across any negative comments about it yet. It must be a lot of fun!

Broadway Matron said...

OMG that video is so funny - I love those two!

One Creative Queen said...

What a great blog! I'm so glad I found it. It gives me some idea of what it must be like to have a life. lol Thanks for the interesting posts - I've been reading them for the last hour. :)

PS - Please don't tell my children how fun the Wii is. With the Playstation 3, PSPs, some other take-over-my-tv-time console, and Nintendo DS/ADOIER or whatever they're called, I don't want a Wii. Thank you.

Henson Ray said...

Katherine--glad you found the blog and are enjoying it. I try to keep my readers amused as much as possible...even at my own expense. And as far as the Wii is concerned, it is nothing like the other two (in my opinion.) I'm sure someday you will be a convert...heh, heh....