Friday, August 22, 2008

Henson’s Hell Celebrates Over 110,000 Views on YouTube With A “Quickie” Contest

Last week, I reached the first benchmark in my filmmaking endeavors when my video views on YouTube passed the 100,000 mark. And though this may not be particularly impressive to any of the YouTube regulars, who average 100,000 hits every time they post a video, it is quite an accomplishment for someone who has only been at it for a very short time.

Beginning in April of this year, I began making a series of short one and two minute “quickie” films, and then posting them on YouTube. I was really just having fun, and not really thinking much about where it would all lead, until I began getting comments and e-mails from people about them. Particularly the “Cat Clips” videos, which seem to be developing an almost cult-ish following. The majority of the feedback has always been very positive and supportive, which just inspired me to keep trying out new ideas and new forms of film-making. And while I admit they have not always been successful, I certainly have learned and grown through the process.

The success of the short films also encouraged me to launch a new website this summer called This website houses all the videos in one place, as well as links to “Henson’s Hell” and the online mystery “It Happened in Plainfield.” In fact, sometimes the Wizard of Wit website premieres the videos long before they make it to “Henson’s Hell” because of how I like to space out my blog postings. (I like my blog to have a nice mix of written posts and video posts, giving my viewers a multitude of media options when they visit my site. Or at least two options. Maybe more will follow, although at this point I'm not quite sure what they might be. Interactive Karaoke. perhaps?)

So now that I’ve passed the 100,000 mark with my little series of films (actually 111,604 as of 8 am this morning), I would like to hold a small contest to help celebrate the event. And so, I’ve decided to give-away a very special “Henson’s Hell/Wizard of Wit” Limited-Edition Prize Package to some of my loyal readers. I will be giving away three prize packages to three lucky “Henson’s Hell” readers. Each Prize Package contains a “Need a Quickie?” t-shirt (available in S, M, L or XL) and six limited-edition buttons featuring scenes from the various YouTube films, as well as a special “Henson’s Hell” version.

The only stipulation for entering the contest is the promise that you will actually wear the t-shirt out in public---and not just use it as a nightshirt or another dust rag. In fact, if you win the prize package and actually take a picture of yourself wearing the t-shirt out in public, I will feature it in a future blog posting. You can even pose similar to the “Henson’s Hell” picture, with your hand covering up the top portion of your face. That way, if you are shy or would like to remain somewhat anonymous, you don’t have to expose your entire face to the world. (Hey, it works for me.)

So, if you would like to enter the contest, simply send an e-mail to which includes your name and your preferred e-mail address. Then, on Monday, August 25 I will throw all the entrees into a hat, and select the lucky three. (Those people will then be contacted in order to get their proper mailing address information.)

So there you have it. A contest to celebrate a benchmark. Good luck.

And remember, send your name and e-mail info to
Note: The buttons pictured above are prototypes. The text on the final buttons might differ slightly, though they will still have the same pictures.


Matthew S. Urdan said...

That's awesome! Congratulations on your milestone. I would SO wear this t-shirt and get photographed in it. Can I have a t-shirt even if I don't win the contest? You should go to and create an online store and sell that t-shirt on this site.

Cheers bud!

AmyOops said...

ha-ha you said quickie...

Love it. Would wear the shirt with pride, it would go great with my i speak hawaiin shirt hiiwannalayu

Laura said...

Congratulations on reaching the 100,000 benchmark! I like your t-shirt and buttons. I'm going to go check out your cat clips.

Chat Blanc said...

Woohoo!!! Congrats! :) I love the t-shirt and buttons! I would proudly wear that. :) okay, gotta go send my entry in!

Carol said...

Oh, I simply must have the t-shirt. I promise not to use it (or anything else) as a dust rag.

And I must check out your videos!

Debbie said...

I entered. Can we stuff the ballot box with extra entries? I promise to wear it everywhere!

tashabud said...

Congratulations on this momentous milestone. You're very deserving of it, for no doubt in our minds how much time you had spent working on your "Quickie" movies.
Enjoy the moment.

I'm already ecstatic when I have visitors stopping and commenting in my blog, I can just imagine having reach this milestone in just a very short time. I'd be in heaven for weeks, or maybe months! Again, congratulations!


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Congratulations on your YouTube success! I'm impressed!