Monday, August 4, 2008

Deer Droppings--Miley, Miley

Can you tell which four young starlets make up the composite photo above? To find out, please click on the photo to watch the latest "Deer Droppings" video entitled "Miley, Miley." This song parody of the classic Mamas and the Papas tune, "Monday, Monday" features a humorous exploration of some of Miley Cyrus' recent string of odd career choices.


Anonymous said...

ok I laughed out loud -Confession is good for the soul right? So yes, I *did* take my daughter to the HM concert - and she *does* have a HM bedroom - this got me good!

Marie said...

LOL! I only managed 2/4 when I first tried to guess. The video clip helped to identify the other 3 young celebrities and the music was great! Miley does have the world at her feet at such a tender age.

Henson Ray said...

jailbird--I'm glad I was able to get a rise out of you. This whole Hannah Montana craze always makes me wonder what happened to Hilary Duff after Lizzie McGuire. Or Aaron Carter after he grew up.

marie--the bottom two pictures are certainly harder to identify. I'm sure I wouldn't have known either.