Monday, July 14, 2008

Bird Bits--Snow Blue

In the spirit of the recent posts about Disney, here is a special "Bird Bits" episode entitled "Snow Blue" that parodies the famous Wishing Well scene from Walt Disney's "Snow White." To watch the video, please click on the photo above. Hope you enjoy!


tashabud said...

I love the music and the singing. It's very cute. I also like it when the bird's neighbors were being drawn to Snow Blue's singing. But why did Snow Blue stopped singing? Shyness?

Henson, kindly tell me who the composer of the music and the title of the music? I love classical music, I just can't seem to engrave the names of composers and the title of their compositions into my brain. Thanks.

Daisy said...

I think the bird got stage fright when he saw everyone was watching him sing! Or maybe he just forgot the words.

Jailbird said...

I'm in love with the bird!

Henson Ray said...

tashabud, The song is from the movie "Snow White" and is written by Larry Morey (lyrics)and Frank Churchill (composer).

daisy, I think you're right. Sometimes it's easier to sing in the shower (or in front of a wishing well) than it is to perform in front of an unsolicited audience.

jailbird, what a sweet thing to say. I'll let her know.