Monday, May 12, 2008

The Cathartic Chaos of Camping

Today I am a guest blogger on Matt Urdan's blog, "Meltwater. Torrents. Meandering. Delta." So please click on the photo above or the link below to read all about my chaotic history with camping. And stay for a while to visit Matt's great website. You won't believe some of the photos--amazing!

The Cathartic Chaos of Camping



Matthew S. Urdan said...

Thanks for the promotion, Henson. You rock!

dennis said...

Dennis likes camping.

tashabud said...

I read your post in Matthew's site. It was well written. You have a naughty sense of humor, wearing that "ooh la,la" kind of apron. Hope you like what I wrote about my camping experience in the comment section.

Henson Ray said...

Tashabud, Great camping story on Matthew's site. I totally understand the excitement you had about your first camping trip, and the wonderfully "warm" memories you gained from it.Hope any future outings were done with a much warmer tent. (Or a cabin, which is sort of like camping, with a few more conveniences.)