Sunday, March 1, 2009

Musical Mockery #1--One Percent

Did you know that 80% of the world's wealth is owned by only 1% of the world's population?

That is the inspiration for this video I helped make with my friend Michael, which offers a very "futuristic" solution to the current economic crisis. Here's the description: "On the evening before the Great Revolt of 2009, the Leader of the Rebel Faction transmits a special message to the struggling masses to prepare them for the upcoming battle against "the wealthy one percent of the world." To watch the short video, please click on the photo above.


Shinade said...

Freaking fantastic!! I loved it and oh brother is that the truth.

Oh dear aren't you afraid to be labeled as one of us left winged liberal nuts.

I have that label now simply by speaking the truth!!

Wow terrific video...keep them coming!!


A now especially dedicated visitor!!:-)

Shinade said...

Gee whiz got so excited I don't know if I dropped my card!:-)

Henson Ray said...

Shinade--Thanks. I think you're right though...whenever I do something that's even slightly liberal, I NEVER get any comments on it. I think people are afraid to say thank you for being a brave soul. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Pretty cool video. I featured it in the current post on Inside Government:

Mike Foster said...

Enjoyed the vid! As a fellow youtuber I know how much effort you put into it. When you get a chance, please take a look at my latest funny music video: Social Networking Blues


Henson Ray said...

Matt--Wow, thanks for the featured spot. I appreciate it. Great article, by the way. And quite thoughtful as well...made me think about some of the points you raised. What's weird is that this particular video on YouTube had its views frozen for a couple days (even though I know people were watching it), so I don't really have an accurate picture of how many people watched it. Weird...could it all be part of some big conspiracy theory? First YouTube turns me down as a partner, and then they freeze me out of getting higher view counts? What's going on???? (Heh, heh...all in jest, of course. I'm not THAT paranoid.)

Mike--thanks for sharing the link to your blogspot and video. The song is great...very comprehensive about social networking sites...and lots and lots of editing, I see...heh, heh....