Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mouth Organ Karaoke--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

To help celebrate the birthday of my best friend Geoff, I have decided to release the final video in the Mouth Organ Karaoke series, entitled "Happy Birthday!" (Appropriate, no?) To watch the 50 second video, please click on the photo above. And if you know someone who is also celebrating a birthday, feel free to share it with them as well.


Daisy said...

That was a fun celebration!

feefifoto said...

Well done! I always look forward to a new installment of MOK.

Whateverebay said...

Oh that is so funny and cute! Happy B-day to your friend!

Henson Ray said...

daisy--thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

feefifoto--Thanks. I have "retired" this series for now, so I can concentrate on other projects.