Monday, December 17, 2007

Curiosity Willed the Cat

This is my cat Trey, doing some light reading over the weekend on why it's important to have a Will. Not sure where he found this particular piece of literature, but it makes me wonder who he was thinking about while reading it--himself or me.


Kim said...

Your cat Trey looks like a reincarnation of my dearly beloved 'long gone' Betz.

Does Trey have any sisters that you know of?

I buried Betz (full name LULU Betz) in Central Park in the spring of 1991, just opposite the building that once was the hospital were I was born (and now is an orphanage.)
I liked the full cycle birth death synergy of that particular spot.

However the NYC Parks Dept didn't feel the same way.

A month later when I returned to 'pay my respects' ... my dearly beloved Betz had been whisk(er)ed away to God-knows-where ... in a city dump probably!

No one informed me it was against the law to use Central Park as a burial ground for pets. And frankly, I think exceptions should be made for 3rd generation New Yorkers born on Fifth Ave. Am I not entitled to have some territorial rights there?

Getting back to your Trey ... now you have ME wondering why he was perusing THAT particular piece of paper too!

Henson Ray said...

Trey is a beautiful cat, so I'm sure Betz was too. We actually picked him up in Central Park from an Animal Rescue service. They were having a weekend adoption and he was the smallest little cat tucked away alone in a corner. When I picked him up, he curled up in my arms and went to sleep. I knew he was the one.

So maybe the spirit of Betz, which might still have been in the park looking for a way out, happened to inhabit the body of Trey? (We actually got Trey in 2001, so Betz would have lived there for quite some time by then.)

At any rate, thanks for stopping by.

Kim said...

That is too amazingly ironic, that you picked up Trey in Central Park!

And if he has Betz's spirit you are the luckiest cat owner in the world!
Betz was an exceptional cat! She was actually brilliant! ...and I'm not just saying that cause I was her mother!
She had the ability to communicate exactly what she wanted.
If she wanted to go out ... she'd perch herself on the step to the terrace door and meow ... ooooow ooooow (...her word for out. She couldn't pronounce her T's, but I understood.)
When she wanted to eat, she'd cry eeeea ... eeeeea, and push me toward the kitchen.
Once she brought home a dead pigeon and plopped it in the middle of the living room. I shreaked at her, 'Get that damn dead bird outta here!' And the next thing I knew it disappeared ... only to reappear on her food dish in the kitchen!
Like she was telling me to 'prepare' it for her ... hahaha ...wasn't she something else?!

You could ask my friends ... whenever I had to leave her with any one of them, it took me days after my return to pry her out of their hands.
Once, one of my friends who was sick with the flu called and begged me to lend her Betz to comfort and nurse her back to health ... and wouldn't you know it, she was better in two days!!
If she didn't have fur and four legs I would swear she was human!

BTW ... if it's true, and Betz's spirit is in Trey ... I wouldn't take what he was reading lightly!

Petite For Life said...

Cats always try to imitate humans to be equal.